Gender Chaos is Healed in God’s Definition of Famly

What I’m learning in my recovery from pornography addiction is this: what I need in healing is to be reintegrated into healthy family. More precisely family that reflects God’s intent for family.

This iteration of family that our crazy society is pushing upon children removes that altogether. In their world, there is no simple, whole-enough family anymore. Leave God out of it. Remove all sense of the binary. Smear it into a mess of this plus that and leave us feeling more alone and more unlike the binary that we really are.

It is evil to promote difference in this way! They want to appear to be loving and inclusive, but the reality they promote is quite the opposite!

If I sterilize my existence into being non-binary and communicate instead that my father and mother are just my parents (removing gender from how I see them), then I’m more lost than ever without an anchor for myself.

I don’t know how else to say it. Instead of feeling more grounded and whole, I would feel more isolated and alone.

Of course there will be folks who say that’s not really true. They’d say don’t forget the intersexed! Um, I’m not. I am intersexed. But because I have a penis, I am male. It’s not, because I have an extra X sex chromosome, I’m perhaps a female too.

No doubt, once you add in genetic differences, it feels messy but these differences don’t dictate to the masses what gender is to be. Inclusion shouldn’t be mandated by these relatively small differences. A majority of folks have distinctive genitalia and thankfully they can emotionally fall into line with that physical reality.

I choose to do so even with my genetic disorder. I find peace keeping to the Biblical binary model of gender.

The Gospel is simple and so is gender (for most of Earth’s population).

Published by Joseph Thiessen

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