My Heart Sank

My heart sank when I read “Mom discovers missing 15-yr-old still alive after traffickers post videos of her at top porn site.” As many of you have read my testimony, I found pornography when I was really young and became addicted to it instantly.

A paragraph from the news article really got to me:

“One of my friends who also speaks on the porn issue frequently tells the story of one of his friends who once worked in the porn industry. At one point, this girl was raped on camera, and as often happens, the porn companies insisted there had been consent for what took place. The video of her rape was put online for the enjoyment of porn users, and years later, when she was out of the porn industry and beginning to heal from the brutal treatment and accompanying substance abuse, this young woman was told by a young man who recognized her that she was in one of his favorite porn videos. His favorite scene? The one in which she’d been raped. He’d consumed her rape for his enjoyment, over and over—without knowing he was watching rape.”

How many of us, men or women, may have found enjoyment in someone’s actual rape and torture? It grieves me to know that I may be guilty of this very thing. I continue to need boundaries from this addictive outlet. I highly recommend using some form of accountability software and staying in the light about your addictions.

I use Covenant Eyes and strive to stay connected with godly men and women as I journey toward wholeness in Christ.

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