Breaking Bad Habits

Early in December, while watching one of my favorite shows, I kept seeing this advertisement for Noom.* I don’t normally look up an ad but this one had my curiosity piqued.

I was intrigued by their claim to be a different weight loss program in that they help the user understand the reasons for their eating and they have learning tools to help retrain the brain for successful weight loss.

I am having to log my meals by counting calories, so to speak. But what’s different to me about this is that, while I’m staying within a calorie budget, I’m also learning how to stay within 3 major groupings of foods. I’m not chopping out delectables, but rather, I’m being encouraged to rethink what I’m eating for the goals I’ve been encouraged to set for myself.

I’m also learning how to think differently about my food.

Things that are difficult so far:

  • Not repeatedly grazing an appetizer table;
  • Rethinking snacks at home;
  • Making too much food (I get bored with the foods I make so it tends to go to waste);
  • Forgetting about foods I’ve tucked into the refrigerator (my personal issue with object permanence); and
  • Remembering to care.

I’m finding these difficulties to be strikingly similar to my issues with other addictions.* Old addictive triggers would be greatly helped by the application of Noom’s principles.

That last bullet point, “remembering to care,” is the tough one. Being single with no desire to marry seems to have been a downer in how I look forward to my purpose and vision in my personal life. I used to have goals of eliminating addictive triggers for my own mental well-being. Now, I realize that there was no goal beyond this to keep me going to something greater.

So there’s a baseline here, my maximum weight was 277 and my goal for now is 220. I’m 6’4″. I’m not attempting to lose weight in some dramatic fashion. I’m an easy-going guy and I intend on approaching this way of life with moderate changes along the way. Today, I weighed in at 267.2.

So that is where this journey begins. And hopefully Noom will help me across this plateau and onto a new and longer-lasting goal. I just need to grasp what that is, whether it’s simple to define or not.

  1. Noom
  2. Addictions

Published by Joseph Thiessen

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4 thoughts on “Breaking Bad Habits

  1. Very cool bro. I’m on week 17 of NOOM , yes you can do a part 2. Its been very beneficial to me in more than just how I eat. Actually helping me set other goals too. I think you will like it a lot!

  2. Love this! I’ve often compared addictive qualities between my eating and my sexuality … one is acceptable in society (we are an obese nation) and “grazing” sexually (a glance here, a glance there). Great words.

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