Rage and Revolution!

My title isn’t original. It’s of the podcast I just listened to by Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries. I barely know who she is but I first heard her last fall and I’ve been listening to her more and more since.

Upon listening to today’s post, I wanted to share it. But rather than just sharing by posting a link to social media, I wanted to echo some of the things shared in the podcast.

Jan Markell spends the hour with Michele Bachmann discussing the turmoil of our times. How far will today’s lawlessness go, which is but a foreshadowing of what happens in the Tribulation? And how are some church denominations promoting some of the escalating evil?

There are a couple of notables mentioned that I think are important, and hopefully will draw you to listen to the podcast:

  1. The uprising in our nation is not just anger over the unjust murder of a black man. I’d say a majority of people in our nation can see that all people matter and that our laws are capable of delivering justice quite well. That being said, communism and Marxism and those who espouse their ideals desire that our nation be brought to ruin. I believe it is these and others like them who are ramping up the anger and using racism as a means to gain a foothold in our nation. Their ultimate concern isn’t racism but in destroying our nation.
  2. Scripture tells us that those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed. In the podcast, Michele Bachmann reminded listeners that at one time Britain blessed Israel but as soon as they turned their backs on them, Britain lost its dominance in the world. The United States of America became the next superpower because of its stance with Israel. But as soon as we turn on them, ruin will come upon our nation. Could all this chaos be coming upon us because we have made a misstep on this issue?

I’ve always been intrigued by end-times prophecy. I will say that what is of utmost importance is living a repentant life and dependent upon Jesus in everything. Knowing and being obedient to Him trumps knowing good facts.

If you are curious about the podcast entitled Rage and Revolution!, you’ll find it in your favorite podcast app or at these locations:

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