God Encounters at Waffle House

I enjoy Waffle House! Although I’ve eaten there for years, I got into the habit of going to a particular location near my doctor’s office. I eventually started going weekly and sat at the high counter where a waitress who went by Ms. Pat often served me. I once felt impressed to ask her ifContinue reading “God Encounters at Waffle House”

Gender Chaos is Healed in God’s Definition of Famly

What I’m learning in my recovery from pornography addiction is this: what I need in healing is to be reintegrated into healthy family. More precisely family that reflects God’s intent for family. This iteration of family that our crazy society is pushing upon children removes that altogether. In their world, there is no simple, whole-enoughContinue reading “Gender Chaos is Healed in God’s Definition of Famly”

The Teaching of Balaam

In an upcoming First Stone Ministries (FSM) Newsletter, we will remind everyone where the recently mentioned state and federal bills regarding LGBTQ issues stands. We are grateful Oklahoma’s bill has been withdrawn for now. The federal bill called the “Equality Act” was recently introduced. It likely won’t go anywhere right now but no doubt itContinue reading “The Teaching of Balaam”